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Board of Assessment Review


The Board of Assessment Review hears grievances filed by property owners relative to their taxable assessments. The Board meets one day per year; which is the first Tuesday of June after the fourth Tuesday of May to hear any greivances that have been properly filed. In 2017, the board will meet on June 6, 2017.


Frank Schwab IV
Phone: 518-882-9544
Term: 09/30/2024

Wesley Baxter
Phone: 518-882-6634
Term: 09/30/2020

Carol Hynes
Phone: 518-882-6718
Term: 09/30/2022

Ann McCauley
Phone: (518) 882-6549
Term: 09/30/2021

David Schweizer
Phone: 518 882-1023
Term: 09/30/2023